Welcome to
​Middle Tennessee Paranormal Group

Our sole purpose is to rationally and diligently investigate reported activity, and to then provide comprehensive evidence to our clients of what has been found, whether it be paranormal in nature or not. We are all too aware that there are often natural events that can occur which can be misinterpreted and cause people fear, anxiety and discomfort. We take great care to examine the site in question, specifically to rule out these natural elements and to provide our clients with a detailed report of our investigation of the property covering any and all evidence discovered.

We make it a point of pride that we are extremely discrete and we will NEVER disclose our clienteles' names, addresses of your home, business, phone numbers or expose your family or business to public scrutiny in any way that you are uncomfortable with. Middle Tennessee Paranormal Group is not attempting to become rich and famous or have our own television show. We do this for the expansion of the science, the passion of the investigation and we truly enjoy meeting and helping people find peace and support.

Our top priority is to give explanations where answers are often vague and to comfort families that are experiencing events which go beyond typical explanations and understanding with compassion that is often lacking in the world around us.